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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Shopping List

Hi my Peeps!  I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving - we sure did. I took the lazy Mamma's way out and had my dinner CATERED! Those of you who know me know that my fall has been....chaotic to put it mildly. PC has been travelling MUCH more than usual, so managing the kids and my crazy work schedule has been interesting. Jack managed to break a bone in his foot mid soccer season, get a whopping case of strep with a side helping of a double ear infection and then managed to fall off of a fence and get himself a nice little concussion - complete with post-concussive syndrome.( My boy doesn't half-ass anything). Thank God Bella has been healthy as a horse - knock wood - all fall. She is immersed in a seventh grade Marathon of Achievement. This "marathon" is a really amazing project that is comprised of completing a series of 26 "challenges" that have the kids engaging in various community service, athletic and academic endeavors. These challenges are not for the faint-of-heart and take a significant amount of time to complete. So, as she works, PC and I are supporting her, helping her and acting as chauffer, photographer and whatever else she needs us to be.

Needless to say - we have been looking forward to taking it easy this weekend and spending some quality time together. Plus, concussion boy needs to be kept quiet and Bella is mid-several marathon tasks that need to be completed and handed in on Monday. So, if you were looking for the Busy Momma crew this Black Friday, you wouldn't have found us in the mall. Black Friday shopping is just not our thing. PC hates crowds and shopping in the midst of chaos isn't my idea of a good time. That's not to say we didn't shop...we just stayed in our jammies and surfed the web! And to be honest with you - I think there are better deals online than there are in the stores. AND I am a big fan of buying special, one-of-a-kind gifts, and you can't really find those in the mall.

So, with that being said - I thought I'd share a few of MY favorite things this Black Friday. You know, because I like to think that I am the white Oprah....so here they are:

These AWESOME bandages are from Urban Outfitters and come in a variety of fun prints. In addition to these cool "What Happened" bandages, they have "Keep Calm" strips and Kisses strips! Let's just say that there will be bandages in Busy Momma's stockings this year...
Need a girlfriend gift? Who wouldn't love this from allinspiredboutique.com? 
This is another sure-fire hit with ANY lady on your list! This 6 piece Vitality Lip Flush Stain Collection from IT! Cosmetics is amazing. These lip stains are the MOST moisturizing products I have ever used. They contain good-for-your kisser ingredients like cherry oil, shea butter, plum oil and jojoba that moisturize even the driest lips. And the colors look great on everyone. I own this and just bought a set this morning on QVC.com 

OK - I LOVE this necklace set. It is a Mother/Daughter necklace set from happykidsideas.com. As Bella and I get ready to navigate the shark-infested waters of adolescence, it's important for her to know that as she begins to spread her wings and fly out of the nest (sniff, sniff) I will always love her because she is a part of me.
This is another option for the Mother/Daughter necklace from girlsluvit.com
How COOL is this? This is called the Party Cart and is available on partycart.com Great for tailgates and the beach! 
How cool is this personal humidifier? This is GREAT for anyone who travels. There is nothing worse that flying and then checking into a hotel and returning home with a sinus infection from all of that dry recycled air!
This is another great gift for the traveler - although this is great for everyone. It is a UV sanitizer for your toothbrush. If you've ever had to throw out everyone's toothbrushes every few weeks because a virus or a bug runs through your house - you need this gadget from Brookstone.
This one from Cafepress.com  just makes me smile!
My friends at Anthropologie must have heard some of the "discussions" Bella and I have been having lately. Yes, leggings are super comfy...but if you're going to wear them to school, your rear had better be covered. These skirted leggings solve that problem for us! 
How beautiful is this necklace? You can find it on Etsy and it is a gift that ANY Mommy or Nanny would LOVE! You personalize it with her children or grandchildrens' initials. It is priced right to give as a gift to a girlfriend! More than one of my girlfriends is getting one....
If you know me, you know how much I LOVE sitting at the pool, the beach or the pond in my beach chair, book in hand, Diet Pepsi in the cooler. You also know that I don't sit in the sun without a trusty sun hat - and it has to be FABULOUS. This monogrammed Derby Hat from personalizedfrommetoyou.com fits the bill!
Kate Spade makes tote bags, clutches, phone cases and other accessories with all sorts of adorable sayings. This one is my personal favorite!
This has been a LIFE SAVER for me. This is the HGTV Folding Wagon with Waterproof liner from HSN.com. Wherever we go, wherever we take it, people ooooohhhh and aaaahhhh over this baby. It navigates sand dunes, hills, valleys and everything in between. It holds the huge beach bag, towels and our cooler to the beach. This will be a purchase you will NEVER regret!

OK, OK - so this is a dream gift...like PC's Jet Pack. But with as many zombie patches that Jake likes to roll in - this gift just might pay for itself! A Canine Shower Stall!!! How terrific is this?
Maybe if you win the lottery...

Well - there you have it. Some things that Busy Momma thinks are JUST Great...and won't break the bank. Plus, these gift suggestions won't have you trolling the mall, trying to find a parking space, yadda, yadda, yadda...Happy Shopping!!!