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Saturday, March 10, 2012

...Then Comes Snookie in a Baby Carriage!

Hi Peeps! Well, it seems that as soon as Spring sprung - Old Man Winter said "Hey wait a minute - I need a swan song!" It's cold out there today. I hope everyone had a great week. My week was INSANE - more insane than usual. Too much travel this week led to a revalation of sorts. Apparently, I was the only person on the planet who was not aware of the latest celebrity about to sport a baby bump. It seems that Snookie - the little Oompa-Lumpa like girl from the show "The Jersey Shore"- is expecting a baby. I was sitting, eating breakfast in the lovely Milford, DE Hampton Inn one morning this week when the overly-made up early morning anchor of Headline News made this announcement. Or shall I say - confirmed this rumor. I wasn't even aware that this WAS a rumor - never mind a proven fact!

I must confess - I have NEVER seen an episode of the show she is on. I HAVE seen the cast members on various talk shows - and quite frankly - that has been MORE than enough exposure to this motley crew of "Jersey" kids. From what I understand - many of them are not even from Jersey. (This information is from my dad - the source of all New Jersey celebrity gossip.) My first introduction to Snookie was when she was on the Regis and Kelly show a few years back explaining what a "guido" is and why she will only date a "guido". I remember being blown away, because as a native Jersey girl, I recall the word "guido" being somewhat of a cultural slur! We would NEVER have dated a guido back in the day...although I do remember dating a boy who used way too much Drakaar Noir...but that was only 1 of the official characteristics of a "guido" back then, and meeting one of the criteria did not make one a full-fledged guido. So I dated him. He had a nice car.

Anyway - I digress.  Then, I remember watching Joy Behar make fun of this girl named "Snookie" on The View because she was "writing a book". I remember Joy Behar exclaiming that if one had never READ a book - as Snookie claimed - how on earth could one WRITE a book? Interesting. And then - my funniest Snookie experience involved my husband. PC was at Happy Hour with the members of his team. They had wrapped up a project and he decided to take his team out to celebrate. So, you can imagine my surprise when he calls me, and is whisper/yelling into the phone: "What is a Snookie?" Picture this - PC, in the quietest corner of a DC bar, calling ME to ask me what a "Snookie" is. When I asked him why on earth he needed this information NOW - his reply was priceless:

"The kids are all talking about it and I have NO idea WHAT it is! Is it a new drink? Is it a sexual position? A line-dance? Seriously - What the hell is it?"

Now I have seen all of the footage of this very short, orange gal falling out of hammocks and chairs and decks and beds and making a general drunken fool of herself on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight and all of the other gossip shows. This seems to be her "bit" - her special talent. So, this is why the news of a pregnancy is a bit shocking. One would have thought that she could have squeezed another year or two out of that act before she came up with a new one. Did it have to be motherhood? I mean - motherhood isn't an easy identity to shed when one needs to recreate ones self in the public eye. That kid is pretty much attached to you for the rest of your life. One would question whether this little lady really thought this through.

And what about her reality show deal? I mean, yes, I guess some people find it entertaining to watch Snookie and crew go out and get drunk - every day. But, that life is pretty much over for Snookie for at least a year or two. So what happens now? I understand that she has a new show with someone named "JWOW"? I wonder if people will still find a sober Snookie entertaining as she complains of morning sickness, swollen feet, leg cramps, heartburn and all of the other joys of pregnancy. I'm sure her entire labor and delivery will be filmed and as hyped-up as a Kardashian wedding. But once the baby comes and is no longer a little orange novelty - what then? Will people still watch? Will people want to watch Snookie getting up every 2 hours to breastfeed? Will people be watching to see how Snookie reacts to the first big diaper blow-out? Will people be riveted to the screen to see if little Snook-ette has a bad reaction to her first set of shots? Will she have the shrill cry reaction to her Pertussis vaccine? Tune in Tuesday night for a haunting 2- hour episode...


Does anyone think about the child she is bringing into this world? I saw that her ex-boyfriend said some REALLY nasty things about her and wished a miscarriage on her. Ouch. One might wish testicular cancer right back at him...not me of course - but someone. I hope, I really, truly hope that this Snookie gets her act together and uses the next 6 months to learn about baby and childcare. I hope that she matures a bit and readies herself for the joys of motherhood. I hope someone in her life sits her down and explains that this baby is a real, live person that she is bringing into the world and that she will be responsible for the quality of life this person has. That this person really should NOT be used a prop for a reality show carreer. That babies really shouldn't be used to burgeon one's TV career as it begins to sputter and die. That now Snookie and her needs and her wants need to come AFTER baby's needs and wants. 

Now if THAT was a reality show - Snookie Rehab - I might watch. Heck - I might even star in it! Let Snookie move in with Busy Momma, PC, Jack, Bella and Jake the dog. Let Busy Momma have a nice, daily Come-to-Jesus with her. Watch as Busy Momma teaches Snookie how to make baby food, how to grocery shop for more than pretzels and beer. Watch as Busy Momma teaches Snookie how to do 12 loads of laundry. The season finale could be a doozy: Watch a special 2-hour episode as Busy Momma and Crew all go down with the stomach flu and SNOOKIE has to take care of them all - and clean up after them!

Talk about reality tv!

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