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Friday, April 6, 2012

I am the MEANEST Mommy EVER

Well Peeps - it's official. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. The title of Meanest Mom EVER has been taken. The crown rests upon my auburn head. And heavy is the head that wears the crown.

What did I do to earn this dubious title? Did I move us to a yurt in East Kabibble? Did I get rid of our Verizon Fios cable and internet package? Did I ban all Justin Beiber CDs from the house? NO! NO! NO!

I had the sheer and utter audacity to take Bella to the orthodontist- right before Easter. Now, see if you can follow my logic with this. I figured - let's get the braces put on at the start of Easter break. This way, by the time we have to go back to school - all of the soreness and discomfort has passed and we can concentrate on what we need to concentrate on. PLUS, I'm home over break and if she is hurting, I'm here for her.

Well, apparently that reasoning doesn't cut the mustard. You see - apparently- what I was REALLY thinking was this: let's ruin Bella's life. Let's put braces on right before the biggest candy holiday of the entire year and torture Bella. AND let's make sure that the braces really, really,really hurt. Muah-hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Now I didn't even realize that's where I was going with this whole adventure in orthodontia - but apparently, that's where I was headed. At least according to one very miserable tweenager. So, rest easy Peeps. No matter WHAT you do this week - you will, in NO way, be as mean as me. Muhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

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