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Saturday, January 14, 2012

And They Call it Puppy Love...

Come on...I bet you can hear Donny Osmond singing in your brain right now. Singing about that exhilarating, amazing experience of being a teenager and being completely infatuated with someone - commonly known as "puppy love".

And they called it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so

Who can't relate to that? We've all experienced that dizzing feeling of being - or thinking that we are - completely in LOVE with someone. I remember feeling it in 8th grade after I saw "Top Gun". Tom Cruise was the man of my dreams. He was all I could think about. I dreamed about him, I daydreamed about him, I practiced writing my name as "Mary Cruise", "Mrs. Cruise", "Mrs. Tom Cruise" and on and on. I was obsessed. And my friends, I am now admitting that I am experiencing this feeling once again. Which is disturbing as I am 364 days away from turning 40 - and me thinks that I'm a wee-bit too old for "puppy love". But MY brand of puppy love is a bit different - it is ACTUAL PUPPY love. 

Yes my friends, I have fallen in love with my new puppy - Jake. Just look at him! How can anyone NOT fall in love with this little man? Jake entered our lives about 6 weeks ago, and oh my goodness - bringing him home was the best thing we've ever done. He is just the most loving, affectionate, adorable pup I have ever seen. This adorableness has really worked in his favor, because let's just say that the past 6 weeks have brought a few of Jake's "issues" into focus. 

As much as we love him - he does have a few habits that we are working to break. Issue number one is truly serious and heartbreaking. This issue would be a total deal-breaker if Jake wasn't so cute. I am sorry to announce that my Jake has an addiction. Jake is addicted to chewing shoes. And not just any old shoes from Payless - oh no. Jake is addicted to chewing EXPENSIVE shoes. The MORE expensive the shoe, the more delicious it seems to be! Jake prefers a nice, medium-rare UGG slipper to say a well-done Isotoner slipper. A nice Ugg loafer appears to be quite lovely as an appetizer and nothing says dessert to my boy like a nice UGG boot. For a special treat, Jake seems to enjoy a nice basic black leather pump. Especially those pumps that contain Nike Air technology to make standing on 4-inch heels comfortable all day. That technology doesn't come cheap, my friends. 

Doesn't that look DELICIOUS??????????? To be honest - this is killing me. You all know how much I LOVE me my shoes. I take meticulous care of them - they live in labeled, organized clear plastic bins in my closet. When I travel, they are lovingly put into shoe bags and while I realize that this is a bit OCD - I can't help myself. I love shoes. I love shopping for shoes, I love how wearing killer shoes makes me feel, I even love just LOOKING at awesome shoes. This is why this little addiction of Jake's has got to be broken. I am currently looking for a 12-step puppy program. 

Issue number two is kind of gross. Ok - it's really, really gross. See, my little man, while very, very smart seems to be having a problem understanding that we don't do our business on the carpets. Somehow he's gotten the idea that it's ok to go outside, do number one and then come back inside and take a dump on the carpet. And no matter what we do - he is still having accidents! Now everyone tells me that this is normal - but it's still tres disgusting. All I can say is that we are truly getting every penny out of that carpet steam cleaner we bought last year! We are doing everything the Dog Whisperer and other dog experts suggest. We are taking him outside after every accident - Bella is actually outside with him right now. (Yep - he took a whiz while I was typing this.) PC has announced that Jake is not allowed on ANY carpeted surface until he has been trained. So - he is currently out at Home Dept buying 4 baby/pet gates. So, by the time you read this, my house will look like an asylum or a rat's maze with gates and barriers erected at every turn. Right now, PC has erected what I am lovingly referring to as "ghetto gates". He has a 6 foot folding table stretched out across the doorway to the dining room, a broken but usable baby gate at the living room doorway and all sorts of booby-traps on the stairway leading to the second floor. So the gates will actually be a welcomed improvement to the ghetto containment system we've currently got going.

And lastly, the other unfortunate issue we are dealing with is nipping and biting. It seems that pup-pups thinks that nipping and biting our hands and feet is a super-fun way to pass some time. And while I realize that this is how he would play with his canine siblings, his human siblings don't find this fun or endearing. ESPECIALLY when he jumps up and bites their noses! (Horrifying - I know) SO - this is the FIRST behavior that must stop IMMEDIATELY. We are using the crate when he gets out-of-control to help him calm down. But it's SO SAD when he cries. But I am standing firm and not letting him out when he cries. The Dog Whisperer says to let him out when he's calm and quiet - and that's what we are doing. 

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  1. He's adorable. We have a ten month old puppy here who can't seem to figure out to pee OUTSIDE. Other then that? She's perfect too. Enjoy!