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Friday, February 27, 2015

I Need a SERIOUS Pin-ter-vention!

Ahhh - Pinterest. It's my new favorite website, my new favorite thing, my new favorite obsession. And by obsession - I mean, total, crazy, insane, time-consuming, mind-numbing addiction.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Pinterest is a website that allows you to "pin" various images that appeal to you on a virtual bulletin board. Each image usually links to a blog post or a recipe or a retail site. Now, don't get me wrong - PINTEREST is a great tool. There are great recipes and other types of information that is really useful on the site. We have tried many of the recipes and for the most part, they've all been great. There is information on every and anything you'd ever want on Pinterest - diet and excercise tips, pet health and wellness tips, funny quotes, funny pictures, home decorating suggestions and advice, fashion advice, makeup and hair pages,organizing advice, parenting advice, bookclub suggestions, educational suggestions, teaching tools....you name it - it's there. And that's the problem....there is SO much available to look at, you will never get bored. And there is always something new to see, explore and investigate. 

My addiction started out innocently enough. I initially visited the site to check out some educational ideas. I used many of the ideas I saw with teachers I was working with. So I started by creating a board called: 
And then I noticed that there were some great recipes on this site, so I created a few more boards:
Nothing crazy - right? 
But then, I started exploring and I found all sorts of images and information. I found pictures of awesome, blinged out, customized soccer and baseball mom tee shirts! So I created a few new boards:
And then, I started finding all of these beautiful pictures of Jacquie Kennedy - well, I couldn't just let them disappear into the ether.. so...
I know..I know. This is where it started to get serious - the addiction started to gain control. 
I created a board for my beach house...you know - the one I don't have.
Then, I realized that a beach house board was ridiculous since I don't have a beach house. So, I created another board to remedy the issue:
Yep - this is when I admitted that I had a problem. Because that's the first step in recovery - right?
I don't even know what prompted me to create a "Smarticles" board. Or a "Pretty Little Things" board that is entirely made up of images of peonies. Pink peonies. That's it. Pink Peonies. No shit.
I have boards that have crafty projects and home projects that I really want to get around to. At the rate I am pinning these pottery, wreath, painting, home redecorating, knitting, sewing and yard projects, I will have enough to keep me busy until 2099. Seriously. 

I have at least 4 boards dedicated to "Healthy Me", "Exercise", "-60 Motivation" and "Wellness". I have a board dedicated to Bella, gifts for Bella, Bella's birthday parties, even - and I am ashamed to admit this - ideas for Bella's hair. I have an entire board dedicated to nail art. I have another one devoted to cakes! And I don't even BAKE CAKES! 

I need a serious intervention. I need Dr. Phil! I need to hear his concerns and admit that I have a problem. Then, I need Dr. Phil to tell me that he is willing to help me if I am willing to get help. I need him to send me to a rehab center somewhere remote - somewhere with no wifi signal, no internet. I need to detox. Maybe a luxury resort in the woods, or a beachfront mansion where I can reconnect with nature. I need to get back in touch with the simple things in life. I need to have huge blocks of time WITHOUT technology. I need hours and hours and hours with unlimited crafting supplies so that I can create something REAL. What will I create, you ask? GREAT question, let me check a few of my Pinterest boards....

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