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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I DID IT!!!!! I P90X-ed and lived to tell about it!

OMG! I did it! TWICE! I P90Xed my Bad-Assed self - twice! And I'm still breathing and blogging and squatting to pee. Well - alrighty! Now - granted - I've only done 2 of the 90 days - but I did 2 of them and I'm actually going to do the third tomorrow! And for me - that's saying something!

So - here's the low-down. Day one for me was "Core Synergystics" which is sort of like Pilates on steroids. It's all about strengthening your core - which is really super important for everyone because your core muscles support your back - and as PC will tell you - back surgery is no fun. So I popped the DVD in - expecting hell on earth. And actually - it was really ok. I made it through THE ENTIRE DVD. My SUPER SIZED SELF - made it through the whole thing! Now - I didn't do every rep. And certain moves had me watching and rewinding the dvd and then doing 5 out of the 15 reps - but I did it. And there was one move that PC had to break down for me and show me how to do - but I did it!

Day 2 was supposed to be yesterday - but Bella came home from school throwing up -AGAIN. And this time it was really, really bad. Like as in almost hospital bad. She threw up 18 times in 7 hours. So, there was no P90X for me last night. But I woke up and did my day 2 which was CardioX this morning. And once again - I expected hell on earth. And it was hard. Really hard. And I wasn't able to do every single move. I skipped about 3 of the moves to suck wind and drink water - but I did the rest. And parts of me perspired that I really didn't think COULD perspire - like my lower arms. Do they even have sweat glands? WTF? CardioX is a mixture of really hard yoga- which is the one form of physical activity that I actually do enjoy and am somewhat good at because I am pretty bendy...but that's a topic for another kind of blog! :) Then it moves into Kenpo Karate - which is sort of like that crazy Tae-Bo stuff we used to do pre-babies. And then he gets into some fun sports drills like tires and jump shots. All in all - it is difficult - but not insane.

And all of this revelation over the past 2 days makes me really, really ANGRY at.....
JILLAIN FREAKING MICHAELS! The crazy bitchy lady trainer from The Biggest Loser. The one who has the workout DVD - "The 30-Day Shred". I bought the 30 Day Shred because I was told that was great, it would get me into great shape and that it only takes 30minutes. And hey - if all of those fatties on the Biggest Loser Ranch can do it - I can certainly do it. But Alas - I can't do it!!!!

Sookie, Glynnis, Her Awesomeness and I all bought it and tried it. Now, Glynnis, as I have already stated, is a specimen of physical perfection - so of course, she was like - "Hey this is FREAKING AWESOME!!!" I love Glynnis - but her opinion of the shred doesn't count. And she is P90X-ing right along with me and is my most ardent cheerleader. Sookie has been shredding and is, herself, a specimen of physical perfection as well. (The Biotch has a 6-pack) However - Sookie has back issues and while shredding - Sookie hurt her knees! Nonetheless - Sookie has remained faithful to the Shred, has moved on to level two AND her pants are falling off of her already trim waist. (Go Sookie!) Her Awesomeness has not weighed in on her progress - but as she is so freaking awesome, I'm sure that she is able to Shred, takeover a company or two all while dusting, vacuming and running 2 loads of laundry AND clipping the dog's nails. For whatever reason - I CANNOT do the Shred.

It is only 30 minutes long - but it is 30 minutes of NONSTOP torture. 30 minutes of HIGH IMPACT nonstop torture. And there are jumping jacks involved. Jumping Jacks have become a REAL issue for me ever since Jack was born. Let's just say that ever since Jack was born, jumping around and I don't mix well. Jumping around leads to bad, bad things happening. Bad things that require discreet absorbent adult thingamabobers and all sorts of kiegel excercises! In other words - I PEE my PANTS a little when I jump around!!!! So during the Shred - I have Jillian SCREAMING at me not to stop - that I'm a big fat loser if I stop and that 400 pound people on the ranch can do jumping jacks - and while I'm processing this information, and jumping around the family room - I'm desperately trying to NOT WET MY PANTS! HOW on EARTH can THAT be good for me?

So, somehow - in my mind - I have equated not being able to complete the 30-minute 30-Day Shred with being a totally fat loser who can't possibly be fit enough to even start the P90X. What is WRONG with me??????? Why on earth did I let a horse faced screaming banchee convince me that I CAN"T do something? I gave birth to two babies! One of those babies was backwards and broke my tailbone on her way out. AND while that was happening the nurse was telling me that I could not have any pain meds because I wasn't pushing "effectively". But - I got her out. Why on earth would I think that the person who was able to live through THAT wonderful experience would not be able to do anything that she put her mind to? MAYBE, just maybe the problem is that the 30-Day Shred while being totally great for some people is NOT totally great for me. And instead of giving it away, as I should have done long, long ago, I made myself stick with it. And I allowed myself to fail over and over and over again. YIKES. I would never have let Bella or Jack do something like that? Why can't I seem to treat myself as well as I'd treat my kids?

So - on to bigger and better things. Day 3 of the P90X begins tomorrow. PC just made me a "recovery" drink - and it wasn't all that bad. He called it the "diet pepsi" version of chocolate milk. And he was correct. I'm headed to the grocery store today to get the nutrition plan part of this P90X thing going.

I got an email yesterday that the "super-sized' bridesmaid dress has arrived at the bridal shop. I'm going to pick it up on Monday. 70 days and counting until the big wedding. Probably not going to be down 50 pounds by then. Carrie is going to need more than a day or two to alter the dress - so I really probably have about 55 days to get to where I'm going to be for the wedding. My goal is to have Carrie alter it back down to a normal size. She's a freaking whiz - I have no doubts that she will be able to work her Carrie magic and make the dress look perfect. The question is - will I be able to do MY magic and make ME look as good as I can????? I'll keep you posted....


  1. I love it! You are doing crazy great! See? And you have the best attitude..."if we can squeeze out kids backwards in delivery who break our tailbone", this *&%t is a piece of cake. I really like it...the guy has just enough cheesiness to make it entertaining. Good job Mau Mau!

  2. I LOVE Tony Horton - he cracks me up! He's now on my list. He might have replaced Steven Tyler.