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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anybody Want a Dog?

Hi Peeps! This is going to be a quick one - busy night at Busy Momma's house. PC is away - again. He was away for work last week. THIS week he is away on pleasure. He was invited to play in the Roy Hobbs Worlds Series. For Baseball - for old guys. And he is SO excited! So - Busy Momma and Crew sent him packing - off to Fort Meyers Florida to play his heart out and HOPEFULLY come back in one piece. I don't care how the team does - I just want him back injury free. (That being said - he won his first game today and pitched the last 2 innings.)

So, I've been single parenting all last week and now all this week. And the kids have been pretty good. "Pretty" being the key word in that sentence. They are actually on my every last nerve today. They are in this fighting cycle - meaning, all they do is fight. And they do things to purposely set one another off - and I've had it. And they know it. So it is uncharacteristically QUIET here tonight as Busy Momma blew her top.But the kids aren't what is driving me absolutely STARK RAVING mad. As bad as the fighting has become - I can rationalize with them, I can talk to them, and I can pretty much control them. (And by "rationalize" and "talk" - I really mean yell and scream.) And they will eventually pay attention and stop the awful behavior - because I have banished them to their rooms. Unfortunately, there is ONE creature living on Foxborough Drive that CANNOT be rationalized with, that CANNOT be spoken to and yelling and screaming at him only adds to the Mayhem. Who is this awfuly behaved boy, you ask??????

Jake - or as we like to call him - DESTRUCTO-Dog! This dog is driving me CRAZY! I love him to death - don't get me wrong. But he is driving me out of my freaking mind! All he does is create mayhem. He wants EVERYTHING in his mouth. Remote controls, Wii remotes, pencils, pens, highlighters, crayons, telephones, glasses, sunglasses - you name it. He chews it. So far today he has eaten: at least 4 crayons, 3 pencils, a pen, a nice number of legos, and chewed on the Fios remote, the house phone, the Wii remote and God knows what else. It's become a little joke - if you can't find something - look in Jake's belly. It's probably there.

Now, I know what you're thinking - the dog is bored. He needs more exercise. OK - so, we take him out, the kids play with him until THEY are exhausted. We have TONS of Kong toys - the toys that you hide treats in and he has to work to get them out. We have a different toy for ever day of the week. We give him stuffed femur bones that he has to dig and get the yummies out of - you name the toy -he has it.He has toys to satisfy his urge to chew. He has toys that engage his mind. He has toys that engage his senses - he just wants to chew our stuff!

He is just SO naughty these days - I can't take it. I just can't. I wonder how much a plane ticket to the Roy Hobbs World Series is? Perhaps the Bel Air Red Sox need a team mascot?

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