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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am the Worst Scout Mom Ever

Hi Peeps! How is everybody?  Fall is FINALLY here, and Busy Momma and her crew are looking forward to our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. As much as I love this time of year - the fall colors, the trips to the farm, Halloween and Thanksgiving...it is SUCH a busy time - isn't it? It seems like we are busy every night of the week and every day of the weekend. Between fall festivals, soccer, piano, Lego club, scouts, fall baseball...well the list goes on and on...we are swamped! And I feel like such a wuss for complaining - because PC really handles all of the sports stuff. He is the soccer coach and he is the one playing fall baseball. He also pretty much handles scouting - at least the outdoorsey stuff, like camping. My work schedule keeps me pretty busy in the fall. I have a lot of after school meetings and dinners that keep me from doing too much of the after school running around. So I really don't do all that much running around. I do more coordinating, scheduling, planning and "bossing" from the car and hotels and restaurants. And somehow - I still feel like this

I can barely keep it all straight. I am, quite literally, the WORST boy scout mom on the planet. Really - I do not jest. Girl Scouts were easy, easy. They earn a patch, you iron it on - BAM! You are the bomb.They are a Daisy for a year, a Brownie for a few years then a Junior and so on. Boy Scouts is a totally different animal. First of all - I know that we are some sort of animal scout. We are not officially a "BOY SCOUT" yet - but I'm not 100% sure of what animal we are. I know we are not a Tiger. That was year 1. I think we are a Wolf? Or a Bear? I know that we are definitely some sort of creature that might eat me if I go camping. Maybe we are a rabid ferrett? OK - probably not a ferrett. But God only knows at this point. And the patches - OMG. There are patches that go on the shirt. Then there are patches that DON'T go on the shirt. Then there are special patches that either I didn't buy, or we didn't earn or I forgot all about that he maybe should have, but doesn't. I noticed that he is missing a few patches from his uniform shirt tonight at the meeting. He was also missing his UNIFORM at the meeting because he convinced me that he didn't need to wear it to THIS meetings.

Then there are arrow points. I don't know what the hell they are - but he has a few and I don't know how he got them or what to do with them and I know that I don't have them all. And let's not even discuss the pins. I know that he earned them - but again - don't have the foggiest of what to do with them.
The belt loops are pretty easy to manage - you put them on a belt. Voila. Only we have the wrong belt. I don't think our belt is supposed to have a cute little tiger face on it. I think at this point it should have this on the buckle:

So I even have the wrong belt. I swear - it is amazing that we are not kicked out of this troop - I mean den or pack or coven. Not troop. I am ALWAYS behind the 8 ball with this scouting thing. We had a meeting tonight, and the AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL and PATIENT leaders who, for some reason, doesn't yet hate my guts for asking 8 million questions and forgetting to read and reply to emails, told us exactly what to bring. And I managed to remember everything. At the last minute, on the way out the door. We were supposed to bring pictures of the boys in uniform. Well, I, of course, didn't even have any recent pictures UPLOADED - so I printed out 4 pictures from an event 2 years ago! Then, she asked us to bring scrapbooking supplies. Now this is the real shame of the evening - I brought a tape runner - that I think was EMPTY and rusty scissors. RUSTY scissors - seriously. And what is even MORE shameful? I used to be a consultant for a scrapbooking company and I have TONS of scrapbooking crap in the house. Just not "scouty" scrapbooking stuff. The other moms all brought stickers and letters and boy-scout appropriate stuff. Like camping stickers that had tents and words like "The Great Outdoors" on them.I bought a sharp rusty implement of death - well, maybe not death - but tetanus. Definitely tetanus. And an empty tape runner. Shameful.

And Peeps - this is my BEST year EVER with scouts. Isn't that awful? I mean - what I just described is what I consider "on top of it". Jack is pretty disgusted with me I think. When I asked him if the other moms went camping - he looked at me like I had 10 heads and said - "Um - yeah. of COURSE they did!" and when I asked how everyone liked his brownie bites that he brought as his "camping dessert" he said: "Oh my GOD - we had this apple crisp that someone's mom MADE - and it was AWESOME!" I said "Well that's great! Did anyone eat my brownie bites?" and he said "I don't know I guess so. If not they can just go to Safeway and pick some up like you did."

I need to step up my game. But I don't know how. It's like I have a boy scout centric learning disability. I can't figure it out, I can't keep it all straight and for the life of me - I can't even remember what kind of animal he is supposed to be - never mind his den numbers and pack numbers. And that is AWFUL because they are ON HIS SHIRT! I think. Oh God - I hope I have them on his shirt...

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  1. Amen! I feel your pain. Thank goodness my boys are done with scouts. Great program but VERY difficult to keep up with the rights and wrongs of the uniform.